5 Advantages of Dropped Ceilings

Whether it’s at the home or the office, whether it’s a renovation or just a new addition, if you’re changing the ceiling to a room or building, dropped ceilings may be a good option for you.

Dropped ceilings (also known as hanging or suspended ceilings) is a ceiling usually composed of tiles that rests below the structural ceiling of a building. Here are five advantages to having a dropped ceiling in place of a traditional ceiling.

First of all is acoustics. Dropped ceilings were designed with acoustics in mind; one of their main goals was to help balance the acoustics of a room. The design of a dropped ceiling helps it with sound absorption and sound attenuation (lessening of intensity). Because dropped ceilings have space above them, the amount of sound absorbed can be customized by adding or removing sound-absorbing insulation.

Another benefit of a dropped ceiling is indoor environmental quality. Dropped ceilings are designed to help maximize the effectiveness of ventilation, heating, and climate control. Again, the space above them allows for a custom amount of insulation to be applied, as well as masking any heating or cooling systems, which leads into the next point.

Dropped or hanging ceilings are great for hiding pipes, wires, and any other form of internal system. Because they are built beneath the structural ceiling, they create an expansive hollow area where pipes and wiring can be run without cluttering the aesthetics of a room. In addition, their hanging nature makes access to those components easy, incase repairs need to be made.

Dropped ceilings are also advantageous for safety, especially when it comes to fire. First off the tiles in many dropped ceilings have fire safety in mind and are composed of fire-resistant materials. In addition, the empty space above the tiles that is perfect for insulation, pipes, and wiring, is also great for storing sprinklers, meaning protection from fire without changing the aesthetic.

Finally, dropped ceilings can be modified with ease. Because they are not part of the structural ceiling, they are not integral to supporting any part of the building. They are also typically composed of lightweight, easy to removed materials, making changing the style an easy endeavor.

If you are looking to remodel your building and aren’t quite sure what to do about the ceiling, a dropped or hanging ceiling could be a good bet. For more information on dropped ceilings, or a dropped ceiling contractor in La Mesa, visit this website.

5 Advantages of Dropped Ceilings

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