Different Features of Honeycomb Window Shades

One of the best, most versatile approaches to window coverings is the honeycomb window shade. Sometimes this style is also called a cellular shade, and because there are a variety of materials and options available, different honeycomb window shades will have different features. There are a few things you can count on, though.

Common Features

All honeycomb shades will do the following:

  • Allow for easily adjustable light by drawing easily for partial exposure.
  • Provide UV blockage while still allowing light into the room.
  • Match the room’s decor with customizable sizes and colors.
  • Provide light sound protection from external noise pollution.

These features really make this style an attractive and cost-conscious option that gets even better when these features are combined with the light impact on the room’s appearance and the ease of use that sets this style of shade apart.

Special Features

Depending on the kind of honeycomb shades you buy, the materials will allow for more or less light to come through, allowing for this design style to come in materials that fit any room or lighting situation. These same factors also change the shades’ ability to muffle exterior noise, and finding the best fit for a given room often means weighing the two options against each other. Luckily, with a diversity of materials and designs, there is a honeycomb window shade for everyone that fits every room. To learn more about honeycomb window shades in Cary, click here.


Different Features of Honeycomb Window Shades

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