Accent Flooring

This dark colored plank wood flooring beautifully complements the stark white elements of this shop. The distressed finish provides a nice juxtaposition to the modern design touches present in the ceramic panels, inset displays and glass top counter. Simply stunning!

Accent Flooring

Accent Flooring

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Wooden and Vinyl Shutters

It is quite possible you have never considered very deeply the serious nature of the shutter question. The truth is, though, that the decision between wooden and vinyl shutters can be a difficult one. In order to make the best decision possible, it is important to consider three key factors.


While wood is associated with home construction, including shutters, historically, the development of vinyl options represents modernity that enables a variety of methods and higher energy efficiency ratings. That said, well-made wooden shutters rank high for most people as being more beautiful and decorative.


Depending on the specific duties of the shutters, there is a high probability that either wood or vinyl options will satisfy your needs. Whenever economy is a deciding factor, many people choose vinyl simply because it is a less expensive choice. Vinyl is an ideal option, for instance, wherever moisture will be an issue, such as basements, utility sheds or bathrooms.


Either wood or vinyl may be fairly easy to maintain. The key to keeping either type of shutter look great and working well is periodic cleanings. Wherever dust settles, your design factor is in serious jeopardy. Furthermore, cleaner fixtures tend to operate better for longer.

For many the final decision between wood or vinyl shutters will come down to price. Remember, though, that your home should be treated like your palace as it represents both your taste and the way you conduct yourself. To connect with a shutter company in Holly Springs, please visit this website.

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Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Wooden and Vinyl Shutters

How Sheer Window Shades Can Improve the Look of Your Office

People put a lot of thought into their office spaces. Alongside the home, they represent the places where most of a professional’s time is spent, and like homes, they tend to reflect the person who occupies the space, so many view office decor as a way to send a message. What can be easy to overlook, though, is the way that window coverings affect the overall attitude of a space.

Control and Comfort

That’s where sheer shades come in. Their unique construction is designed to give you control over your environment while bringing in natural light and accentuating your other design choices. They do this in a few ways.

  • By being sheer and translucent instead of being transparent, shades allow natural light to permeate the space, decreasing the need for harsh overhead lights and providing greater comfort during daytime working hours.
  • Control over your view means never having to be distracted by projects or traffic when you need to focus.
  • Provides a neutral and balancing counterpoint to allow accent decor space to be the star of the room.

In addition, sheer shades also help protect you from harmful UV rays during working hours, giving you protection without taking away the light. With all of these advantages, it is hard to see why there are other options to consider when it comes to your office window coverings. To learn more about sheer window shades in Wilmington, click here.

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How Sheer Window Shades Can Improve the Look of Your Office

Making Plantation Shutters Work for You

For several centuries, homeowners have been using plantation shutters to establish adequate lighting and functionality that is consistently timeless and infinitely adaptable. Originating in Spain, these special window treatments have become an increasingly popular option in living rooms and other spaces for a number of reasons. Whether you are planning tore purpose an antique fixture or creating your own custom design, take some time to consider the following benefits of installing plantation shutters in your home.

The biggest advantage of plantation shutters is their unique ability to transform a room from dark and gloomy to light and inviting. Fortunately, there are plenty of different shutter styles on the market to help increase the natural light flowing through your home. For example, you may want to install shutters with large louvers to brighten up your living room or kitchen. Other customizable features such as divider rails and double hung panels further allow you to adjust your plantation shutters throughout the day, creating endless combinations of light and privacy according to your individual needs.

Yet another reason to consider installing plantation shutters is to save money on heating and cooling costs, maximizing the overall energy efficiency of your home throughout the year. During the winter or on cool evenings, shutters can provide a welcome layer of insulation between the inside of a room and your windows. Similarly, the versatility of plantation shutters allows you to take advantage of natural light while still minimizing heat. For instance, double hung shutter panels can be left open on the bottom while the top panels continue to block out excessive sunlight during the day.

The most important advantage associated with plantation shutters is a general increase in the value of your home, a financial benefit no homeowner can deny. If you decide to install plantation shutters in your living room or any other room, they will likely remain intact for the next buyer and provide many more years of style and efficiency. In many cases, the practical benefits of these fixtures may even make it possible for you to finance the cost of installation. If you are looking to invest in home improvements that are both beautiful and profitable, plantation shutters are a stunning yet affordable option.

Ultimately, plantation shutters are one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner to regulate natural light while amplifying visual appeal, adding elegance and brightness to any area of your home with little time and effort. If you are interested in installing plantation shutters in Wilmington, visit this website for more information.

Making Plantation Shutters Work for You

Get Protection from UV Rays by Installing Quality Window Shutters

Window shutters are one way to customize your home or office, leaving a distinct piece of yourself on display and adding to the curb appeal of any building. What most people don’t realize, though, is that the right choice of shutters can also help prevent overexposure to cancer-causing UV rays by providing you with options for different lighting situations.

Available Options

There are a few ways shutters can work with a building.

  • Translucent or sheer shutters and shades block UV light while still allowing some visible light though. They can also be adjusted to be partially open if more light is desired.
  • Heavier all-weather shutters can add to the protection by allowing more intense blocking of the light, as well as protection from extreme weather.
  • Adding combinations of shutters, shades, and other decor can complete a design while also providing total control over your lighting and UV exposure.

Making the Right Choice

The best options will differ from room to room, but a consistent choice of shutter design allows you to ensure that you get consistent UV protection from every window while still customizing other window coverings and lighting features to project a balanced, comfortable atmosphere in any room, at any time of day. To read more about a local shutter company in Holly Springs, check out this site.

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Get Protection from UV Rays by Installing Quality Window Shutters

How Cabinets Enhance Office Appeal

Many people make a distinction between the culture of the office and the personalized space of their home, but the number of hours spent in an office has a strong effect on the psychological wellbeing and productivity of employees. Office furniture, even the most functional forms such as cabinets, can be designed according to the best needs of the office. Here are some considerations.

1.    Zones

Just like a small city, your office should have separate zones that facilitate different activity. Cabinets in the kitchen should be wide and easy to access to enhance communal gathering. File cabinets, on the other hand, should blend with the room and be harder to reach to promote privacy.

2.    Function

People react to their environment. In a creative office full of writers or graphic designers, you wouldn’t want steel, box-shaped cabinets. This could stifle the creative mood. But in a medical office, this could stimulate responsibility; supply cabinets should be durable and locked for security. Before building your office ascertain what the functions are for your particular business.

3.    Style

Color is known to have an effect on mood and concentration. Cool colors like gray, green and blue are calming and enhance concentration; bright colors like red, yellow and orange stimulate activity. Your cabinets can take up a large surface area so the colors or accents should match your office style.

Office space is more than simply a location where employees work. Visit this website to learn more about office cabinets in La Mesa.

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How Cabinets Enhance Office Appeal